The Jorrises

September 4th, 2021 | Bismarck, North Dakota

September 24th,  2021. This wedding is one I will forever hold close to my heart! The groom is one of my husband’s best friends, and one of my childhood best friends. Not only was this one of the most unique weddings I have ever photographed, but it was a reunion like no other. Friends and family flew across the country, from all different states, to celebrate Kyle & Hailey’s love in the heart of North Dakota. I cannot wait to share all of the unique and creative aspects of this day, so let’s get into it! 

The First Look

Kyle & Hailey’s first look took place at the very beginning of the day. It was a beautiful morning, and they decided to meet on their family friend’s gorgeous property. They exchanged personal vows to one another before taking off for an afternoon adventure downtown. 

The Adventure

Never in my career have I had a couple go on a full-fledged date before their ceremony, and let me just say, I am SO here for it!!! Kyle and Hailey have a few spots in downtown Bismarck that they hold close to their hearts, and it was very important to them to spend intentional one-on-one time together before the day fully got going. Our first stop was at Anima Cucina, a local coffee shop and Italian eatery. We got lattes, devoured some authentic wood fired pizza, and then walked around the city for some more photos. It was a blast, and one of the best additions to their creative and unique wedding day!

The Ceremony

I’m known for crying at the majority of the wedding ceremonies I photograph, so naturally the tears were flowing during this one. Once again, Kyle & Hailey decided to format their ceremony in a way I had never seen done before. At the front of the altar sat their closest friends and family, with the rest of the guests behind them. I personally loved this set-up, and thought it was such an intentional way to involve all of their family members and bridal party.

Once Kyle and Hailey were announced husband and wife, the most unexpected and shocking part of the ceremony took place…that’s right…a FLASH MOB! Just when I thought this couple couldn’t have any more fun, they always surprise me. I especially enjoyed this because my husband was in the bridal party, and he is NOT a fan of dancing. It was nothing short of amazing.

The Bridal Party

This group 100% puts the party in bridal party. I loved that all of the girls wore different dresses with different styles, and that the color scheme was so colorful and vibrant! Also…did I mention that this wedding took place on an alpaca farm? Wedding photos with baby alpacas? Sign me up!

The Reception

And finally, the reception. There are so many iconic moments from this night, it’s hard to not share them all! Some of my favorites include a homemade mocktail bar, a group presentation bridal speech, and a full on performance by Kyle singing his rendition of “Hailey baby.” Fun fact: Kyle sang an entire remix of “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys at my wedding. However, he changed it to “I Want it Jacquay (our last name.)” People are still talking about it to this day. This is why I wasn’t surprised at ALL that he decided to put on a full performance at his own reception (with backup dancers, duh.)

We ended the night with a beautiful midwest sunset, more mocktails, and TONS of dancing. This was one of the most special, unique and fun weddings I’ve ever photographed/attended.  Not to mention, Hailey and Kyle are some of my forever friends and  couldn’t be happier for them. Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Jorris – The journey has just begun!